Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Piano Collection Album
Image: Square Enix

You can see the passion Square-Enix hold for its soundtracks. Between concert events like Distant Worlds and vinyl releases, we've witnessed a few piano collections too, bringing some stunning renditions of existing songs.

Having covered several of Final Fantasy's main entries, Square-Enix is now turning its attention towards Crystal Chronicles, which isn't too surprising considering its Switch remaster last year. Following on from this, a new Piano Collections album will launch on April 7th.

Featuring new piano arrangements, it comes with ten Crystal Chronicles songs performed by Kumi Tanioka, the original soundtrack's composer. There's also some appealing album art here and that's drawn by Toshiyuki Itahana, who also worked on the game as a character designer.

So far, only seven of the ten included songs have been confirmed, which are:

    • “Morning Sky”
    • “The Village Where It Began”
    • “Setting Forth”
    • “Moonless Starry Night”
    • “The Midst of Sorrow’s Gloom”
    • “Promised Grace”
    • “Monster Ronde"

Unfortunately, it's only planned to release in Japan currently. A listing has gone up on Amazon Japan, which allows international shipping, but it's currently out of stock. We'd love to see a wider release and do hope this eventually comes about.

Are you a Crystal Chronicles fan? Do you have a favourite song you'd like to see included? Let us know down below.

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