Street Fighter Alpha 2
Image: Capcom

Street Fighter II is one of those games that will forever be linked with the SNES, thanks to the fact that Nintendo's 16-bit console was the first home system to get a port of the arcade sensation. Who knows how many gamers cut their teeth on this edition rather than the coin-op? It's a pretty legendary conversion and one which ironically overshadows the fact that the SNES also got a port of the more-advanced Street Fighter Alpha 2 later on in its life.

Released in 1996, Street Fighter Alpha 2 was arguably better suited to the (then) newfangled 32-bit consoles like the Saturn and PlayStation, but the fact that the SNES got it at all was (and still is) impressive. What's even more impressive is the fact that this oft-derided port has concealed a cheat code for a quarter of a century.

Programmer Gizaha from the Zeldix forums has been reverse-engineering the game, and, during this process, has discovered a previously unknown code which unlocks the hidden boss Shin Akuma as a playable character.

The code has been verified by EventHub, and requires you to finish the game's Arcade Mode and set a new high score. Once this is done, you must enter the initials KAJ in the high score table, return to the title screen and hold down the L, X, Y and Start buttons on a controller plugged into the console's second controller port while the player one pad is used to select the 'Versus' mode. From here, player one or two can select Shin Akuma by holding the Start button while selecting normal Akuma. You'll know you've been successful because Akuma's clothing will change colour.

Have you pulled this cheat off personally? Remember, Street Fighter Alpha 2 is available on the Wii U Virtual Console, so it's worth a try...