"Intense" top-down shooter Synthetik: Ultimate is blasting its way to the Nintendo eShop later this month, it's been confirmed.

Synthetik is described as "an unforgiving tactical shooter rogue-lite where freedom and experimentation is key." It launched on Steam in 2018 as Synthetik: Legion Rising; Synthetik: Ultimate serves as a bigger and badder version coming to consoles, and will also be offered as a free update to those who already own the base game on PC.

It offers players randomised levels, 90+ weapons, 100+ items, and more to discover. A list of updates shown at the end of the trailer above reveals that this Ultimate edition adds new story elements, new music, improved AI, and plenty more besides.

Synthetik: Ultimate adds:

- New story elements at last!
- A new final room after the Last Defender (The Armageddon Room!)
- New rare enemy squads
- The new Alchemy Shop with 12 new synergy items
- Findable Ghetto blasters with new music tracks
- UI improvements and many Balance changes
- Weapon modding and a firing range for testing!

The game launches on Switch on 16th December, so you don't have long to wait if you want to get stuck in.

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