Mojang has rolled out a brand new update for Minecraft Dungeons. There's the new DLC Howling Peaks, a new season pass and a free update including six new enchantments changing the way you can play the game.

The Howling Peaks DLC is described as an "action-packed trek" to a mountain top, where a strange power has taken control. Of course, it's your job to rise to the summit and defeat it. Along the way there'll be new mobs, missions and gear.

In addition to this is the new season pass - which will give you access to the next batch of DLCs. You'll get a discount on each one if you purchase the pass. Each DLC will feature new levels, items, story content, puzzles and mysteries.

Will you be climbing the mountain in Minecraft Dungeons' new Howling Peaks DLC? Leave a comment down below.