Smash Ultimate Version 10.1.0

Nintendo has confirmed that the next update scheduled for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will be launching later this week, urging players to convert any saved replays before it arrives.

The update, of course, coincides with the full launch of the game's latest character, Sephiroth; if you haven't been lucky enough to unlock him early, the character will become available to all players who own the relevant DLC pass this week (22nd or 23rd depending on your time zone).

If you do happen to have any replays you'd like to keep, make sure to convert them before Version 10.1.0 drops:

Don't forget that you can also now claim the latest Super Smash Bros. Ultimate freebie from the Switch eShop.

Looking forward to checking out Sephiroth later this week? Have you already unlocked him ahead of his full launch? Let us know in the comments.