Smash Ultimate

The excitement surrounding Sephiroth's arrival in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate may well have you all hot and bothered, but don't forget that you can now claim the latest Spirit Board freebie, too.

That's right, a new Spirit Board Battle Set, 'For Powerful Enemies', is now available to download at no extra cost for Nintendo Switch Online subscribers. It presents you with all of the items listed below, perfect for anyone looking for a helping hand battling those pesky spirits:

- 3000 SP
- Rematch x5
- Damage 50% x5
- Weaken Minions x5
- Health Drain x5

To claim the set, simply head to the red Nintendo Switch Online icon on your Switch's homescreen, go down to the 'Exclusive Offers for Members' tab, and you should find a quick link to the eShop. Remember, you'll need an active Switch Online subscription to access it – free trials don't count.

If you missed the news, you can also have a go at unlocking Sephiroth ahead of his official release date if you're feeling brave enough. Have you managed to unlock him yet?

Let us know how you're finding the new character, or whether you're looking forward to playing him in the future, in the comments.