34BigThings has announced that its space-based prequel to futuristic racer Redout is coming to Switch (and PC and other consoles) in January. Redout: Space Assault has been available on Apple Arcade since October 2019 and was first rumoured for Switch when it was outed by the Taiwanese ratings board back in July, but it's now got a solid release date: 22nd January 2021.

This prequel to the Nicalis-published racing game which came to Switch in May 2019 is a single-player sci-fi shooter that combines the speed and skill of racing with the guns and gameplay of a cosmic dogfighter. It includes the ability to customise your vehicle and also features something that no space-based shooter (or any other game, for that matter) should be without these days: a smattering of roguelike elements.

The story will apparently delve into the reasoning behind the races from the first game. Those of you who haven't sampled its space combat delights via Apple Arcade can get a good idea of what's in store from the announcement trailer above.

Here's a look at some of the features highlighted in the official PR blurb, as well as some high-res screenshots to enjoy:

Career Mode: Learn every skill you need to survive and triumph in the Redout universe.
Thriving Worlds: Experience exotic locations and epic battles beyond every frontier.
Deep Gameplay: Manifest your tactical superiority by putting your quick thinking, dexterity and adaptability to the test.
Bigger, Badder Weapons: A vast array of weapons is at your disposal, from Plasma Cannons and Shock Rays to Railguns, Air-to-Air Missiles, and Load-up Gatlings.
Customize Your Ride: Upgrade your spaceship to blast enemies by the dozens or single-handedly take on a Destroyer Warship! Drop and swap Cards to improve specific aspects of your ship and better fit your style.
Music for Your Ears: An entirely dynamic soundtrack that drops ever-sicker beats as the action heats up!

No word on price yet, but we love a nice slice of space combat around these parts, so we'll be keeping a close eye on this.

Did you enjoy the original race-based Redout? Looking forward to this space shooter spin on the formula? Feel free to let us know below and congratulate us heartily for not mentioning barrel rolls until the very end.