We could have sworn that Toad had a neck, but apparently, he doesn't, and never did. It's just huge mushroom head, and round mushroom body. Yet, somehow, Super Nintendo World's mascot version of everyone's favourite Mario Kart character is even rounder than the original, and we love him, and want to squish him on his big round head.

We're not alone, it seems. Twitter user Alicia Stella posted a photo of the extremely chunky Toad costume, garnering thousands of likes and a lot of replies from people who really, really want to hug the Toad. Stella grabbed the images from a theme park forum thread where people are posting their own photos of the technical rehearsal at Super Nintendo World, even after Nintendo asked them not to post photos until the February park opening.

It seems like the two Toad photos originally come from a deleted Twitter post, and a deleted Instagram post, which wouldn't be the first time that fans have quickly deleted their leaked pictures of the park, no doubt fearing Nintendo's legendary wrath.

We've all put on a bit of pandemic weight, but thicc Toad shows us that sometimes, extra cuddle material just makes you cuter.

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