Super Mario World

At the start of the year, Nintendo's President Shuntaro Fukukawa spoke about the company expanding beyond its core business dedicated to video game platforms, in order to increase the number of people who have access to its IP. He went on to state how the company was starting to see the results with the opening of its Tokyo Store in Japan.

Now, in that recent 12-page interview with Famitsu, Nintendo's iconic game designer Shigeru Miyamoto has reiterated the points the president made at the start of the year - explaining how the Japanese company wants to expand into a "variety of settings" with its video game characters by collaborating with various other companies. Here's the full translation (thanks once again to Oni Dino of Nintendo Everything):

We want to expand our video game characters to a variety of settings – not just in games, all while keeping their value. In other words, we’ll be collaborating with various other companies. If we’re able to accomplish that, we can create more opportunities for people to make contact with our characters on a much larger scale than usual.

Thinking outside of the realm of video games, Nintendo is moving into theme parks with the assistance of Universal Parks & Resorts. Furukawa has previously said it's an "especially large" initiative to expand the number of people who have access to Nintendo IP. There's also a motion picture in partnership with Illumination in the works, which is currently targeting a 2022 theatrical release.

How do you feel about Nintendo collaborating with other companies to expand its characters beyond video games? Share your thoughts below.