Psychological investigative thriller Dry Drowning will make the leap to Nintendo Switch early next year, it's been confirmed.

Following the game's successful launch on PC, VLG Publishing is bringing this mysterious visual novel to Nintendo's platform with "a completely overhauled English localisation language track and improvements to the user interface." It's gone down well with users on Steam, earning 'very positive' reviews since its launch last year, although critic reviews range from positive to mixed.

Dry Drowning is a visual novel that takes a stark look at a near-future dominated by dark forces in positions of power. The game immerses players into the world of Mordred Foley - a troubled private detective with a genuinely shady past - and his mission to lift the lid on a serial killer taking out targets in a dystopian future. Weighed down by a dark history of his own, Foley’s world is one gripped by tyranny, where the hunger for power at the top results in society sinking to the absolute bottom.

The game differentiates itself from other visual novels with a script that doesn’t shy away from tackling themes such as racism, immigration, political extremism, and sexism and plays out in a multi-branching story made up of 150 different threads - a structure that places a heavy burden on every decision taken, and every line of dialogue uttered.

Promising in-game choices that make a difference with more than 150 story branches to explore and the potential for 20 hours of gameplay in total, Dry Drowning will be hoping to interrogate a Switch near you in Q1 2021. If you have a PC, you can check out a demo featuring the game's first two hours here.

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