If you watched The Game Awards last night, you'll have spotted that a beloved Nintendo IP from the N64 era is getting a new instalment – but unfortunately, it's not coming to a Nintendo console.

Microsoft announced that a new Perfect Dark game is in production – one which reimagines the series for a modern era. It's being overseen by fledgeling Santa Monica studio The Initiative (which is made up of staff from the likes of Bungie, Naughty Dog, Crystal Dynamics, Respawn, Rockstar, and Treyarch) rather than Rare, the UK code house which produced the N64 original and the Xbox 360 prequel, Perfect Dark Zero.

While this new Perfect Dark will reshape the series and its characters for modern-day players, key members of the development team have spoken in an interview about how they have to treat the IP "very carefully", and how tricky it is to pay tribute to past games, but not go too far.

You can watch the interview below.

[source purexbox.com]