XIII Remake

Remember last week when we were feeling less-than-convinced over the XIII remake? Well, fans have certainly had their say, making an effort to go and buy the original game from 2003 over the disappointing new release.

The remake launched on PS4 last week, leaving fans of the original title upset thanks to a number of gameplay issues and a complete art style overhaul that strips away the original's identity. Publisher Microids issued an apology, although as reported by our friends at Push Square, the team completely missed the point.

Now, ReedPop's Christopher Dring has revealed that the original 2003 release actually sold more copies than the remake in the UK last week; clearly, the remake has done its job in making gamers nostalgic for the original, but has accidentally driven them back to that older version by failing to offer a meaningful reimagining.

We don't recall seeing a situation quite like this one before, so it'll be interesting to see if all of this has an impact on the Switch release that's been promised later down the line.


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