With the remake of XIII destined to launch on Switch in 2021, fans of Ubisoft's old first-person shooter will no doubt be looking forward to revisiting everything it has to offer. If yesterday's launch on PS4 is anything to go by, though, you might want to rethink all that.

Originally appearing on GameCube back in 2003, XIII was loosely based on a graphic novel series of the same name and was known for adopting a comic book-style aesthetic throughout. The remake, now available on PS4, has caused a bit of upset amongst fans for ditching its comic book looks for a different style, which some have likened to Fortnite.

That's not all, sadly. As spotted by our pals at Push Square, Twitter user @SirCrackerBulb has shared some footage which shows a number of glitches and overall lack of polish that don't appear to do the original justice.

We'd hope that the delayed launch of the Switch version will allow the team to work on some fixes before it arrives on the eShop, but if this was deemed good enough for a PlayStation launch, we're not feeling particularly hopeful.

You might want to keep a watchful eye on this one before taking the plunge next year.

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