Warrior 64
Image: Intec Gaming

N64 fans know that out of the box, the console doesn't exactly give you the best possible picture – which is why we've seen aftermarket options appear like RGB mods or external HDMI adapters.

However, the king of the hill has to be the superb Ultra HDMI mod, which allows your dusty N64 to deliver astonishingly pin-sharp visuals to your HD television. The big problems with this solution? It's expensive at around $150, and you have to install it yourself, so soldering skills are required (getting it done by a third-party usually adds hundreds of dollars to the cost of the board itself). Oh, and the board is produced in very limited quantities so actually getting your hands on one is easier said than done.

Taking all of this into account, it's easy to see why so many retro fans got unreasonably excited by the news that a company by the name of Intec Gaming was bringing a new HDMI-ready option to the market via the wonders of Kickstarter.

The Warrior 64 uses an original N64 motherboard and boasts a Hori-style pad, but it all comes housed in a new case design and ships with HDMI output as standard. The cost? Around $150, which is what the Ultra HDMI board costs on its own, without installation. You can also buy the HDMI mod board yourself for around $95 and install it to your console.

If this all sounds too good to be true, that's because it is. Retro YouTuber Metal Jesus Rocks was lucky enough to get early access to the machine and has discovered that the HDMI output is vastly inferior to what you'd get from an Ultra HDMI mod.

Intec Gaming has responded to Metal Jesus Rock's concerns and has stated that it will be releasing a revised version of the Warrior 64 when the Kickstarter ends. At the time of writing, the campaign has raised over $49,000 of its original $29,986 target with 9 days remaining. It's not clear if the people who have already pledged will get the chance to upgrade to the revised model, but if you've already put money down for this, we'd recommend you get in touch with Intec Gaming and ask.