Mario Kart Ds

Well, here's an interesting little fact for you: Mario Kart DS actually behaves slightly differently depending on which Nintendo DS system you use to play it on.

The DS classic, which has now been available for almost 15 years, features a different loading sequence if you play the game on an original Nintendo DS system, rather than any later system. On the original DS, Mario can be heard saying 'Yahoo!' during the initial loading screen, but instead says 'Here we go!' when played on any other console.

This strange little quirk was brought to our attention by Twitter account @SuperMarioFact, and while we're sure some of you will have noticed or heard about this before, we imagine plenty will never have realised.

We're not sure why the game would behave differently on a different system, especially considering the DS Lite is pretty much the same console on the inside.

If you're sceptical, here's a video showing the difference in action (we've also checked this ourselves and can confirm that it is indeed true):

Strange, huh? Let us know if you knew about this in the comments below, or whether you're just as baffled about the whole thing as we are...