While we're firmly focused on the world of Nintendo here, we're not totally oblivious to events elsewhere in the industry – and this week sees the commencement of the next-gen war as both Sony and Microsoft prepare to launch their respective systems.

The PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X promise to deliver 4K gaming, 60fps performance and fancy ray-tracing (though not all at the same time, in some cases), and pre-orders have already sold out all over the globe as keen gamers get themselves ready for yet another generational leap.

Nintendo, as we know, as neglected to take part in this technological arms race for over a decade now, and instead chooses to create gaming platforms which offer something unique and different. Given that the Wii and DS – the systems which arguably kicked off this trend – sold over 250 million units between them, it's fair to say that this strategy has worked (let's not mention the Wii U, right?), and during the Wii era, many gamers settled for the "Wii-60" combo by pairing Nintendo's waggle-friendly system with the Xbox 360.

Could the same thing happen again this time around? You could say it's even more likely this time, as the Switch isn't strictly a home console – it offers something very different to the PS5 and Series X by the fact that it's a hybrid and can be used outside of the house.

It's no secret that many of you reading this right now will have another console in your house as well as a Switch, but which choice are you going to make in this fresh generation? Will you be picking up the PS5, the latest member of one of the most popular home console lines ever, or has Microsoft's customer-friendly approach won you over this time around? Perhaps you're a hardcore Nintendo fan who wouldn't even dream of buying a rival system?

Whatever side of the fence you're on, vote in the poll below to let us – and the world – know.

What's your console mix going to look like in 2020, and beyond?