Image: @nintendo_cs

The Switch might be all about sharing the joy, but it's also important to keep your system clean to help prevent the spread of germs and ensure your device and controllers stay in the best condition possible.

With this in mind, Nintendo suggests using alcohol-based products to disinfect its hybrid system and Joy-Con, provided you're careful about it.

As noted on the company's English support webpage, if you need to disinfect your products, "lightly apply" a consumer-grade disinfectant containing about "70%" alcohol to a soft clean cloth and gently wipe the product. Over on the Japanese support page, there are some additional warnings about cleaning your Switch and Joy-Con with alcohol-based products.

- Do not use alcohol that is not intended for disinfection, such as for fuel. It may damage the equipment.
- Do not apply the disinfectant directly to the device or immerse the device in the disinfectant. Moisture contained in the alcohol disinfectant may get inside and the equipment may break down.
- After disinfection, make sure that it is completely dry before use. If you use it when it is not dry, the device may be damaged.
- If the device breaks down without observing these precautions, you may be charged for repair.

Earlier this year, as you might recall, Nintendo told users to stop using products containing alcohol on Switch hardware and accessories as it "may cause the plastic parts to fade in colour or deform" - so it's obviously changed its tune since then.

Do you disinfect your Switch and Joy-Con on a regular basis? Do you give it a regular clean every now and then? Let us know in the comments.

[source siliconera.com, via gonintendo.com]