First-person survival horror game Apparition has launched on Nintendo Switch today, as if we really needed anything else to worry about right now.

Yes, releasing on Friday 13th – a day often considered to be unlucky by superstitious types – Apparition has you taking hold of a camera and trying to prove the existence of supernatural beings by capturing them on your device. The idea reminds us of Project Zero (or Fatal Frame, as it's known in North America), which isn't a bad thing at all.

If that wasn't creepy enough, you'll also need to use a Spirit Board to "connect with the dead", doing your best to survive in the process. If you're feeling brave enough, check out this feature list below:

▪ Use a Spirit Board, an interactive communication device to summon and question the dead!
▪ Explore a dark forest, full of mysteries and apparitions.
▪ Gather evidence and prove the existence of the supernatural.
▪ Collect items that will help you to reach your goal… and survive!

The game's available on the Switch eShop for £8.99 / $9.99, but is 20% off for its first month on sale. Also, you can benefit from an even greater 50% discount if you own any of No Gravity Games' other eShop titles:

Alder's Blood, Creepy Tale, Star Horizon, Strike Force Kitty, Nonograms Prophecy, Make War, Ego Protocol: Remastered, Pirates: All Aboard!, Dream Alone, Exorder, Rawr-Off, Pool Pro GOLD, KIDS: Farm Coloring, Connection Haunted, Drag Racing Rivals, Powertris, Wallachia: Reign of Dracula

Let us know if you'll be giving this a go in the comments. We'll just be waiting here, you know, cowardly hiding behind the sofa...