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  • US 13th Nov 2020, $9.99
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FEATURES: ▪ Use a Spirit Board, an interactive communication device to summon and question the dead! ▪ Explore a dark forest, full of mysteries and apparitions. ▪ Gather evidence and prove the existence of the supernatural. ▪ Collect items that will help you to reach your goal… and survive! DESCRIPTION: Apparition is a first-person survival horror with ghosts, demons and the infamous Spirit Board, used to communicate with the dead. Set in the fictional and mysterious haunted forest of Green Creek, full of apparitions waiting to be discovered. Use your camera and audio recorder to prove the existence of the supernatural, putting yourself in grave danger. STAY ALIVE! Camping in the haunted forest of Green Creek during the night was never a good idea. However, it’s the only way to prove the existence of the supernatural. Are you be brave enough to face ghosts, demons, and other inhabitants of Green Creek? With no defense against the otherworldly apparitions – your only chance is to hide deep enough not to be noticed! RECORD THE DEAD! Use your camera and audio recorder to prove the existence of the supernatural. You can speak with ghosts using the Spirit Board, a well-known spiritual communication device. But beware! Choose your questions wisely, discouraging or angering those you summon could be disastrous... CHOOSE YOUR GEAR! The more traces of ghosts you record, the more gear customization options are made available. Use your tools wisely and try to stay alive – supernatural beings don’t like to be recorded! Hide from all the dangerous creatures to keep your progress and explore deeper into the forest.