Gal Gun Returns

PQube and developer Inti Creates are resurrecting Bishōjo shooter Gal*Gun Returns for Switch, and they've just announced a 3,000 unit run of a limited-edition "Birthday Suit Collector's Edition" which comes packed with "CUTE and LEWD Gal*Gun content." Ahem.

Created in partnership with Rice Digital, this package will include:

  • 100-page art book – The Sexy Chronicles of Gal*Gun
  • Official soundtrack set of 3 CDs containing all the background music and vocal tracks
  • 6 metal pin badges, one to represent each of the main girls
  • A Gal*Gun 10th-anniversary collector's coin
  • 6 art cards, one for each of the heroines
  • Special cover art insert – with an exclusive sexy image designed especially by Gal*Gun series creator/illustrator Itou-san
  • A pair of Safety Goggles

Safety goggles? Allow the official PR to explain:

This ULTRA-RARE collector's item, designed especially for gamers of only the most discerning tastes is made of premium quality, extra soft polyester and elastane. The Safety Goggles match the panties...erm "Screen Cleaner", from Gal*Gun Double Peace: Mr Happiness Edition to create a complete set!To be worn by yourself or any family and friends who feel that they need to be protected from unexpected sexiness in the vicinity!

That's not all! The game will also showcase exclusive cover artwork which shows the cast in various states of undress (although it should be noted that this is still a work in progress design).

GAL1 Complete Beauty Landscape 1024x1024@2x

And there's more! The Birthday Suit Collector's Edition also comes with the Sexy Chronicles, a "premium quality, glossy 100-page art book" which is described as "the lewd bible for fans of the series" packed with "beautifully presented artwork in full colour and full fan service."

Fancy grabbing one of these packs? They can only be ordered direct from Funstock, so use the link below if you're keen.

Gal*Gun Returns launches next year on Switch, Xbox One, and Series X and Steam.

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