A new, extended trailer has been released for Fuser, the upcoming rhythm action game from NCSOFT and Harmonix, and it's certainly something.

The video highlights one of the game's key features which allows players to create their very own DJ personas and customise their performance stages, essentially letting you be whoever you want to be. It features David Hasselhoff, Jonathan Van Ness, Chloe Kim and more as they realise their new-found dreams of becoming DJs.

"FUSER redefines the music game genre," says NCSOFT vice president of marketing Tim Granich. "It’s driven by creativity, originality and expression. It empowers players to be at the centre of creating culture by developing and then sharing mixes using various pieces of some of the world’s most iconic songs."

If you've missed our previous coverage of this one, we recommend checking out our hands-on feature where we shared our early thoughts on the game. Before you go, though, feel free to share your thoughts by dropping a comment below – do you think you'll be giving this a go when it launches on 10th November?