Video games can be an expensive hobby and you never know how long it's going to take for one to go on sale. With the holidays right around the corner, there's no better time to ease off and give some cheaper games your attention. We haven't just selected any ol' random games, we've ensured all the titles here are actually worth your time and are among the very best for the price tag.

So whether you're revisiting the original DOOM or delving into the absurdity of Mom Hid My Game, there's more than enough to play without hurting your wallet.

DOOM - $4.99

H2x1 NSwitchDS DOOM1993

DOOM 2 - $4.99

H2x1 NSwitchDS DOOMIIClassic Image1600w

DOOM 64 - $4.99

H2x1 NSwitchDS Doom64

Toki Tori - $4.99

Toki Tori Switch Hero

Golf Peaks - $4.99

Golf Peaks Switch Hero

Downwell - $2.99

Downwell Switch Hero

Gunman Clive: HD Collection - $3.99

Gunman Clive Hd Collection Switch Hero

Mom Hid My Game - $4.99

Mom Hid My Game Switch Hero

Hide and Dance - $4.99

Hide And Dance Switch Hero

Ding Dong XL - $0.99

Ding Dong Xl Switch Hero

Earth Wars - $4.50

Earth Wars Switch Hero

Knight Terrors - $2.99

Knight Terrors Switch Hero

Nuclien - $3.99

Nuclien Switch Hero

Dragon Quest - $4.99

Dragon Quest Switch Hero

Pan Pan - $5.00

Pan Pan A Tiny Big Adventure Switch Hero

Bury Me, My Love - $4.99

Bury Me My Love Switch Hero

Kid Tripp - $3.99

Kid Tripp Switch Hero

Ambition of the Slimes - $5.00

Ambition Of The Slimes Switch Hero

Inferno 2 - $4.99

Inferno 2 Switch Hero

Kamiko - $4.99

Kamiko Switch Hero

Abyss - $2.99

Abyss Switch Hero

Are there any great games under $5 not featured on this list? Let us know in the comments!