Nintendo has released a developer interview video featuring Velan Studios, the team behind Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit.

While the entire thing is worth watching, one of the highlights would have to be a look at one of the prototype karts. Here it is, along with some extra insight from lead programmer Jan-Erik Steel.

Image: Nintendo

"In these early Velan prototypes the battery life just didn't last that long, especially when we drove in the 150 or 200cc speed classes, but Nintendo's hardware team was so committed to coming up with this amazing design that really allowed for battery life to last much, much longer."

And here's the final product:

Final Product
Image: Nintendo

"There's so much technology packed into this kart, it's essentially a mini-console on wheels."

Will you be giving Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit a go when it arrives on 16th October? Start your engines in the comments.