Brawlhalla x The Walking Dead

Ubisoft has announced that a selection of characters from AMC's The Walking Dead TV series will be joining the roster of playable characters in Brawlhalla.

Michonne, Rick Grimes, and Daryl Dixon will be the chosen few being thrown into the mix, all appearing in-game on 14th October. Their arrival will kick off an event that features a new game mode where players and their friends have to fight off endless waves of walkers for as long as they can.

The in-game event is also said to feature a new map depicting the survivors’ prison from seasons three and four of the show, as well as a new podium and a new KO effect. Michonne will be an Epic Crossover for Koji, Rick Grimes an Epic Crossover for Barraza, and Daryl Dixon an Epic Crossover for Ember.

If you haven't tried Brawlhalla yet, you'll be pleased to know that it's free-to-play, meaning you can give it a go without having to pay a penny. It doesn't quite stand up to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate in the list of best Switch fighting games, but it's still a solid experience that's definitely worth the non-existent asking price. Feel free to read our full review to learn more.

Previously, other big names like Tomb Raider's Lara Croft and a variety of WWE superstars also made the leap into the game.