[Gameplay starts at around the 10-minute mark]

It feels like we've been waiting for this game forever – if you'll excuse the pun – but this new boatload of gameplay footage suggests that Super Meat Boy Forever is finally on the home stretch.

Team Meat co-founder and Creative Director Tommy Refenes has shared hours of gameplay footage on his Twitch channel, giving fans a great look at this hardcore platforming sequel. The footage arrives just as the original game, Super Meat Boy, turns 10 years old. Which is quite poetic.

"This is the first time Super Meat Boy Forever has been shown off in quite some time," Tommy said. "The COVID prevented PAX West from happening where we would normally show stuff, but since the world is sick right now we stayed inside and worked and almost forgot about the 10th anniversary until our social media manager Lillian told us to do something about it. This isn’t a release date announcement but WE ARE CLOSE (as you’ll see on the stream)."

Super Meat Boy Forever was first teased way back in 2014 as a mobile-only game, before being overhauled into a full console sequel in 2017. It was expected to launch on Switch in 2018, then 2019, but still isn't here in 2020.

So when is it coming? Team Meat says it'll launch "when it's ready... We promise it won’t be another 10 years!" To be fair, it does sound like it'll be worth the wait:

The challenge of Super Meat Boy returns in Super Meat Boy Forever! Levels are brutal, death is inevitable, and players will get that sweet feeling of accomplishment upon beating a level. Players will run, jump, punch and kick their way through familiar settings and totally new worlds.

What’s better than playing through Super Meat Boy Forever once? The answer is simple: Playing through Super Meat Boy Forever several times and having new levels to play each time! Levels are randomly generated and each time the game is completed the option to replay the game appears and generates a whole new experience for players by presenting different levels with their own unique secret locations. We’ve handcrafted literally thousands of levels for players to enjoy and conquer. You can replay Super Meat Boy Forever from start to finish several times before ever seeing a duplicate level. It is truly a remarkable feat of engineering and a monumental example of ignoring the limits of rational game design and production.