Samus Cosplay
Image: Brenden McCormack

Trick or treating may be off the cards for Halloween this year, but all that indoor time will surely have given you ample opportunity to create the cosplay garb of your dreams, no? Ready for when you can venture out and plunge your hands into communal bowls of candy of an evening, right?

Well, it doesn't really matter — your quaint costume will pale in comparison to this incredible Samus suit built by Brenden McCormack and his wife, Laura. As highlighted by Kotaku, Brenden is a developer at Wargaming — the studio behind World of Tanks — but in his downtime it seems this Metroid fan enjoys building arm cannons and baby Metroids in canisters with his significant other.

Just take a look at the images in his tweet below. We don't know about you, but it sure puts our bedsheet with some eye holes cut out to shame!

Brenden also shared a short clip of the suit powering up:

Of course, this isn't the first Samus cosplay we've seen, but we're constantly astonished by the engineering and skill that goes into these suits, and the addition of the cute baby Metroid here really is the icing on the cake.

Think your Halloween efforts can compete with this? Feel free to dazzle us below with you own efforts this 31st Oct. Stay safe, everyone!

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