Now then, we all know that Samus looks the absolute business - we won't hear any other arguments on the matter, thanks - but is that Power Suit of hers really the most suitable bit of kit for space exploration? We didn't expect to be delving into this pressing gaming dilemma today, but this video has left us with no other choice.

Cosplayer @11Vadu has shared this tremendous cosplay attempt online, giving us a look at how Samus' Power Suit might function in real life. The tweet's caption mentions how difficult it is to move your neck inside the suit, and we can't imagine it's particularly comfortable to run around and shoot stuff in, either. Of course, if we're being honest, this is all just an excuse to show off what an incredible job they've done with making the suit.

Absolutely amazing stuff.

If you're interested, you can see the various stages of the build here.

While Samus' choice of clothing might not be the most practical, F-Zero's Captain Falcon appears to have found a much better balance between practicality and style. Yes, Samus isn't the only cosplay to be found on @11Vadu's account; check out this similarly amazing Captain Falcon effort, complete with a snowboarding outing.

No wonder we haven't had a new F-Zero game in ages - the star of the show's too busy pulling of 1080s!

If you want to see more from @11Vadu, make sure to give the account a follow here. We wish we were this talented.