Journalists and influencers have already gotten their hands on Sony's latest PlayStation, and yesterday we saw a flood of images of the shiny new console – many of which illustrated quite plainly what an absolute unit it is.

The PS5 is the biggest PlayStation yet in terms of size, and comfortably overshadows its next-gen rival, the Xbox Series X. However, it's the comparison to the plucky Nintendo Switch which really hammers home how massive this console is; IGN has placed them side-by-side and the difference in scale is striking.

But then of course it is. The Switch is a hybrid console based on mobile technology which can be played both on the move and on your TV, so it's pretty obvious that the PS5 is going to be a bigger boi – but the fact that it's so much larger is still somewhat surprising, especially when you take into account that, despite the technical gulf that exists between them, these two machines are arguably going to be competing for the same audience this Christmas, and beyond (especially if the reports of an updated Switch in 2021 are on the money).

While your seasoned gamer is obviously well aware that the PS5 and Xbox Series X (and indeed Series S) represent a considerable generational leap beyond Switch (which was already lagging behind the PS4 and Xbox One in terms of grunt, lest we forget), the average punter (or parent) is going to be a lot less savvy – and perhaps they might even think twice about investing in a PS5 when they realise they're going to have to upscale their IKEA TV unit to accommodate it, and will opt for the less-powerful (but arguably more versatile) Switch instead?

Heck, based on these photos, Nintendo's offering is going to be a lot easier to integrate into your TV cabinet.