While you wait for the multi-award-winning RPG Disco Elysium to come to Nintendo Switch, why not play the Game Boy version instead? Disco Elysium fan Colin Brannan has "ported" the first part of this game to Nintendo's legendary portable unit.

If you don't have all the necessary equipment to play it on this system, the game can still be enjoyed through your internet browser and even downloaded on PC. Otherwise, here are some screenshots, and above is an official playthrough.

Disco Elysium

As for the actual game's release date on Switch - the last we heard was back in April alongside the announcement. At the time, the developer said it was "going to happen soon" but since then there have been no updates.

What do you think of this Game Boy version of Disco Elysium? Are you hoping we'll be able to play this game on the Switch before the end of 2020? Tell us down below.

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