Image: Sega

Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit is one of those "wow" concepts which can't help but raise a smile; being able to drive a tiny car around your living room and terrorise your pets is a good time, as you'll know if you've consulted our review.

However, this isn't the first time a Japanese video game company has attempted this trick (it's also not Nintendo's first dalliance with RC cars). Back in the late '80s, Sega created the Sega Super Circuit, an arcade racing title where players controlled RC cars around a massive 80-metre race track, using a CCD video camera mounted on the vehicle.

Players would park themselves in a sit-down arcade cabinet not similar to those used in titles like OutRun and Daytona USA, and up to eight people could take part at any one time. An electronic scoreboard would show each player's position in the race.

Like Mario Kart Live, a lot of human interaction was required – the track had to be manned by paid operators who would have to line up the cars for each race. These individuals were also called upon to supply live commentary for the on-track action.

Sega Super Circuit's origins can be traced back to a deal between Sega and Nissan Motors; the game – then known as Super Game Z – was showcased at the Dream Factory '87 exposition. It was rebranded in 1989 and installed at Sega World Tokyo Roof in Yokohama, Japan. It didn't last long – it was removed in 1990 – and its current whereabouts are sadly unknown.

Thanks to Slopes Game Room for reminding us about this amazing arcade machine!