Cadence Of Hyrule

If you've got full artwork inside your Cadence of Hyrule Switch game case, consider yourself lucky, as fans of the game in certain regions around the world have opened up their latest physical purchase to discover it's a completely blank canvas.

One individual, located in Spain, was nice enough to upload an image over on Twitter, and you can see, it's just the game card sitting there all by itself. A few other people in this same location shared similar shots. In other regions, like North America, it's slightly better - with the game's main artwork at least repeated in the interior.

This isn't the first time something like this has happened, either. There have been past incidents where local classifications have obstructed stunning game artwork, and last month, the North American game card for the "limited-time" Super Mario 3D All-Stars release rubbed fans up the wrong way.

There's also been a trend of physical games shipping with a code instead of a card. There are even entire collector editions - like the Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon & the Blade of Light one Nintendo announced this week - that come with everything but a game card. It's sure not easy being a physical collector in 2020!

While it's certainly a bummer for anyone who receives a copy of Cadence of Hyrule with a blank interior, at least they'll still get the game and all of its DLC on the cartridge. Have you got any physical Switch cases that don't include interior artwork? What's your own copy of Cadence of Hyrule look like? Tell us down below.