Nintendo has taken another positive step in its fight against Switch piracy, winning a legal battle to the tune of $2 million.

As we reported back in May, Nintendo recently filed a lawsuit against Uberchips.com and its owner, Tom Dilts Jr., a website accused of selling tools that can enable customers to play pirated games. The tools are made by Team-Xecuter, an anonymous hacking group which has reportedly released several jailbreak hacks for the Switch.

The site and its owner have agreed to a $2 million judgement ordered by the Northern District Court of Ohio, as seen in this proposed final judgement (thanks, Torrent Freak). The ruling also means that the store must destroy all of its remaining stock, and cannot sell similar products going forward.

"Plaintiff is hereby awarded judgment against all Defendants, jointly and severally, in the amount of US$2,000,000.00,"

A second case, thought to be filed against eight lesser-known site operators, is said to be ongoing. Team-Xecuter, the creators of the tools being sold, have denied Nintendo's claims that it is a piracy group and have previously accused the company of censorship, monopolistic control, and legal scare tactics, believing they have the right to mess around with Nintendo's property.

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