We've seen lots of lovely Neo Geo Pocket games land on the Switch in the past year, and today SNK is bringing The Last Blade: Beyond the Destiny to the party.

If you're a Neo Geo fan, then you are no doubt aware of The Last Blade and its sequel, but unless you owned a Neo Geo Pocket Color back in the days you might have overlooked The Last Blade: Beyond the Destiny which was released in 2000.

SNK would file for bankruptcy in the following year, so it really is a slice of history. The US release was cancelled and not many European copies of the game went into production.

As far as these Neo Geo Pocket Color miniaturised brawlers go, this is one of the best and surely worth a look.

Furthermore, Samurai Shodown director Hayato Konya has revealed that a Last Blade character will be coming to the game as DLC, adding that it's "someone the fans absolutely adore." Konya also confirmed that the game will be rebalanced and adjusted as part of a future update.