Wing of Darkness

Developer Production Exabilities and publisher Clouded Leopard Entertainment have confirmed that the action shooter Wing Of Darkness will be coming to the Switch worldwide in February next year.

You assume the role of a female pilot – known in the game as a "Fraulein" – as they battle hostile forces called "Blankers" in a special HELT-System mech suit.

While much of the game takes place in the skies as you deal with the encroaching hordes, there are cut-scenes in which the tale of the two protagonists – Klara (voiced by Kiyono Yasuno) and Erika (voiced by Chihira Mochida) – play out.

Despite an initial dislike for one another, these two pilots eventually come together to fight the Blankers and solve the mystery surrounding the "Fraulein" military program, which all sounds like jolly good fun to us.

Wing Of Darkness hits Switch, PlayStation 4 and Steam on February 25, 2021. The digital version is expected to cost $29.99, while a limited edition physical copy will cost $84.99.

This physical package includes:

...the full opening and ending songs sung by the two lead voice actresses, an original soundtrack containing voiced stories depicting the daily lives of the two protagonists, as well as a visual fan book with many models of the two main characters and enemy aircraft. It also includes patches and pins bearing the in-game squad emblem, as well as a variety of other bonus items only available in this version. The visual fan book also includes a lyric sheet and an original voice drama, all of which will be fully localized into traditional Chinese and Korean.