Kirby Fighters 2

If you're yet to buy the recently-released Kirby Fighters 2 on Nintendo Switch, you might want to consider checking out the game's free demo which has just arrived on the eShop.

The demo lets you explore an early portion of the game's Buddy Fighters Tower, and also provides a taste of the multiplayer action you can enjoy in the full experience. At the time of writing, the demo is available in Europe – we expect North America to follow shortly. [Update – yep, it's now available in North America, too].

If you're interested, we shared a full review of the game at the end of last month. Feel free to give that a read if you're thinking about buying the full product – we'll leave a snippet for you below.

Given that it arrived with practically zero fanfare, Kirby Fighters 2 is a surprisingly brilliant Smash Bros.-style spin-off that simplifies its big brother's control system but still offers a healthy amount of depth with its 22-character roster. Its Story mode, in particular, is a clever and compelling way to make each battle feel important, and that mode alone lasts long enough to make it a worthwhile purchase for solo and co-op gamers.