There are myriad spooky levels throughout the history of video games, although one of the best has to be Mad Monster Mansion from Banjo-Kazooie (officially known as The Best Video Game Of All Time™ around these parts — when this writer's around, at least).

Composer Grant Kirkhope recently put out a remix of that level's creepy theme, as well as a witchy remix for the villainous Gruntilda. On top of those seasonal gifts, Kirkhope has also confirmed that he's working (slowly) on an entire album of remixes from the game. Now that's just the kind of wholesome, heart-warming news we need to get us though the end of this wretched year!

You can check out the recent remixes at Grant's Bandcamp page via the tweets below:

There's no set timescale for release — and as he states above, it may not include every track from the game -- but the mischievous fairy tale-esque soundtrack from the original is still fantastic over two decades on, so the prospect of hearing it again with a fresh take from the maestro, Grant 'Clanker' Kirkhope, is very exciting indeed.

Want a fun spooky game for Halloween? Dig out Grabbed By The Ghoulies, whydonchya? If you don't have a copy of the Xbox original (for shame), it's included in Rare Replay!... What do you mean that's not on Switch?!?