Although a trailer last year said Axiom Verge 2 would be arriving this Fall, it seems this will no longer be the case. In an update on the official game site, the creator Thomas Happ announced the anticipated sequel would be delayed.

The aim now is to have the game out by the first half of 2021 and Happ hopes it'll be "sooner in that window" rather than later.

"I apologize to all of Axiom Verge’s fans who have been waiting to learn more about this universe."

The reason behind the delay is due to a number of project features requiring some extra attention, which Thomas says will be worth the wait.

"I am extremely grateful for all of the inquiries into the release date for Axiom Verge 2. I had my concerns about whether people would even care at all about a sequel coming 5 years after the release of the original. Although it’s taking longer than I originally hoped, I am going to do my best to make sure it’s worth the wait."

How do you feel about this latest delay? Will you be checking out Axiom Verge 2 when it arrives next year? Leave a comment below.