VooFoo Studios has announced that it will be bringing This Is Pool - a brand new IP for the company - to the Nintendo Switch in "early 2019".

The game comes from the creators of Hustle Kings and Pure Pool - two popular titles in the world of cue sports. Developed using an updated and completely revamped version of VooFoo Studios' game and physics engine, This Is Pool aims to "set new benchmarks for graphical fidelity and hyper-realistic gameplay in a breathtaking simulation" hoping to eventually redefine how good cue sports games can look and play.

The game will expand and improve on previous games to include every major rule-set played worldwide, a practice mode, mini-games, a career mode, arcade trick shots and ‘scenario’ challenges, rule-set customisation, local and online multiplayer, and more, along with the option to play with a top-down camera view. Phew. You can check out some lovely screenshots of the game right here:

Mark Williams, Technology Director at VooFoo Studios, has said the following regarding the game's announcement:

“This Is Pool represents the culmination of all our years’ experience making market-leading cue sports simulations and will offer a much enhanced experience to anything we’ve created before. We’ve rewritten the rule-book to create the most realistic, technically advanced cue sports game ever made that is going to take the genre to the next level.”

If you're into your realistic sports games, this one could well be right up your street. If you happen to be attending EGX in Birmingham, UK this week, you'll be able to get an early first look at the game in the Rezzed Zone. For those who can't attend, we expect to hear more details on this one in the coming months as we get ever nearer to release.

Do you like the look of this? Are you hoping to see more realistic sports titles on Switch? Let us know below.