Pokemon Go to HOME

Yesterday, The Pokémon Company confirmed Pokémon HOME would be made compatible with Pokémon GO before the end of the year.

Initially, there were some concerns. As originally spotted by Serebii, an official Pokémon Support article indicated PokéCoins would be required to transfer pocket monsters from the augmented reality mobile game to HOME. Fortunately, this wasn't the whole picture.

The article was later updated to clarify, stating that the purpose of PokéCoins will apparently be to shorten a transfer cooldown period. In other words - you'll need to spend PokéCoins to speed up the transfer process. Here's the rundown, courtesy of Serebii on Twitter:

Once again, this update will arrive before the end of the year. When it does, trainers who transfer a monster from GO to HOME will receive a Mystery Gift for a special Melmetal which can Gigantamax.

What are your thoughts about shortening transfer cooldowns with PokéCoins? Tell us down below.

[source pokemon-support.com, via twitter.com]