Kingdom Hearts

As you might have heard, the rhythm-action game Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory is coming to the Nintendo Switch this November. As excited as we are about it, of course - we would love to see the mainline series made available as well.

Unfortunately, though, there are no other Kingdom Hearts games planned for the Switch right now. This is according to Kingdom Heart's director, Tetsuya Nomura, during a recent interview with Nintendo Enthusiast:

"Through a translator, Tetsuya Nomura confirmed there are currently no specific plans for more Kingdom Hearts games on Switch."

Apparently Square Enix considered porting the existing titles in the series, but found it to be "technologically difficult".

Nomura himself said he still finds the Switch appealing and apparently expressed how it was possible another game could make the switch to Nintendo's hybrid system in the future.

Check out our own Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memories interview featuring Tetsuya Nomura and Masanobu Suzui. Would you like to see more Kingdom Hearts games come to Switch? Tell us down below.