Next year is Sonic's 30th anniversary and Sega has previously told us it's got some "exciting" news it can't wait to share.

While we're still waiting on a proper update, it seems a newly-discovered advertisement for investors featured in Licencing Source Book Europe has lifted the lid on what exactly we can expect in 2021 (thanks, Tails' Channel). According to the description, it'll be "a year of celebration" covering new games, announcements and more:

30th Anniversary, 2021: A year of celebration – new games, digital content, events, major announcements and a tailored licensing programme.

Back in June, Sega of America said it was still trying to work out how to share certain Sonic announcements, which were scheduled to take place at this year's SXSW, and promised there would be announcements in the future.

What kind of Sonic video game are you hoping to see in 2021? Tell us below.