Super Mario 3d All Stars

As regular readers will know, we've recently started publishing launch day polls for Nintendo's big releases, all in the hopes of seeing just how popular each title is amongst our community. Super Mario 3D All-Stars is out today, and this one is perhaps the most intriguing release of our series so far.

Throwing three of Mario's best ever adventures into one package on a seriously popular console was always going to sell well, but launch day purchases for this particular title may well have been affected by Nintendo's baffling decision to launch the game as a limited-time release.

As you may know, Nintendo has said that Super Mario 3D All-Stars will only be on sale until the end of March 2021 (so that's six months on sale in total), quite possibly causing fans to panic buy the title ASAP before the thing sells out for good.

Today, then, you'll find two questions in our poll. The usual 'are you getting it?' is there, but you're also welcome to have your say on whether or not the game's limited availability has had an impact on your decision. Have at it, and feel free to expand upon your answers in the comments:

Will you be getting Super Mario 3D All-Stars?
Has 3D All-Stars' limited availability impacted your decision to buy?

If you want to read through our full review of the game before making any decisions, feel free to check it out right here. Alternatively, if you're still looking for a physical copy, you can find one below.

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