Remember the days of the Wii and DS, when cash was so plentiful that Nintendo was capable of securing the talents of celebrities like Beyonce, Patrick Stewart, Ant & Dec and [checks notes] Jedward? Well, it would seem that those glory days are back with us once more, as Nintendo UK has just announced that it has secured the services of Love Island presenter Laura Whitmore as brand ambassador for Ring Fit Adventure. (If you aren't aware of the Love Island TV show, then you should do your utmost to keep it that way and we envy you more than you can comprehend.)

A new TV spot will begin airing from today which shows the presenter indulging in a bit of physical activity thanks to the best-selling Switch game. You can view it above, if you're interested.

It says here that Whitmore's a big fan of the game, and had this to say about the news:

I love the fact that I can roll out of bed in the morning and start my Ring Fit Adventure home workout straight away. I can customise a variety of full-body work outs which fit into my hectic schedule. The game helps keep me fit and motivated – and all from the comfort of my living room.

Ring Fit Adventure has proven to be the perfect lockdown video game and has even been out-selling the mighty Animal Crossing: New Horizons recently. Will Whitmore's considerable charms help shift even more copies in the UK? Time will tell.

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