Earlier this week, Nintendo confirmed the production of its mighty 3DS line had been officially discontinued. It brings an end to all six models in the 3DS family – the 3DS, 3DS XL, New 3DS, New 3DS XL, 2DS and New 2DS XL.

Fortunately, there's still some life left in this system. In a statement to GamesIndustry.biz, a Nintendo spokesperson confirmed the 3DS's online services and eShop would be hanging around. First and third-party games will also continue to be offered on Nintendo.com and at retail.

"We can confirm that the manufacturing of the Nintendo 3DS family of systems has ended."

"Nintendo and third-party games for the Nintendo 3DS family of system will continue to be available in Nintendo eShop, on Nintendo.com and at retail."

"The existing library of more than 1,000 Nintendo 3DS games contains many critically acclaimed titles and can provide years of content to explore and enjoy."

"We currently have no plans to end any existing online services for the Nintendo 3DS family of systems. Online play and Nintendo eShop will continue to be available and it will be possible to access and redownload all previously purchased content in the foreseeable future."

So - at least in the foreseeable future, you'll still be able to play the 3DS online, buy games, download them and even redownload them. Will you be making the most of this system's online services while you still can? Leave a comment below.

[source gamesindustry.biz, via gonintendo.com]