Monster Hunter Rise

We may well be a few months away from the launch of the recently-revealed Monster Hunter Rise, but interesting details are already starting to appear online.

YouTuber Arekkz Gaming has been gathering info on the title from Capcom Community Manager, Josh 'Socks' Dahdrai, and has shared several new facts about the game in a new video. Dahdrai has reportedly revealed that the team intends to provide free content after the game's launch, that the game is a traditional, yet fresh take on the series, and that it is currently targeting 30 frames-per-second.

The video also reveals that more creatures will be shown in the coming months, that the game is running on Capcom's RE Engine (although we already knew that), and that Rise is not considered to be a spin-off game despite not being a numbered entry.

You can check out the video in full right here:

Monster Hunter Rise launches on 26th March 2021 for Nintendo Switch alongside three amiibo figures which will be exclusive to specific stores depending on your location.

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