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Last week, Kirby Fighters 2 appeared on the Switch eShop out of absolutely nowhere, and the development team has shared a lovely piece of artwork to celebrate its release.

The game's launch has been particularly odd, with Nintendo opting to quietly place it on the Switch's digital store with hardly any marketing beyond a tweet or two. Thanks to this, we imagine a fair few players who would have been interested in the title may well end up missing it altogether, but we all know that the Nintendo higher-ups are the kings and queens of baffling decisions.

Here's the artwork in question. And yes, of course it's adorable.

Image: Nintendo

The game itself plays like a simplified version of Super Smash Bros., and we think it's absolutely worth a try if you're interested. You can read our full review here, but we'll leave just a taste for you below.

Given that it arrived with practically zero fanfare, Kirby Fighters 2 is a surprisingly brilliant Smash Bros.-style spin-off that simplifies its big brother's control system but still offers a healthy amount of depth with its 22-character roster. Its Story mode, in particular, is a clever and compelling way to make each battle feel important, and that mode alone lasts long enough to make it a worthwhile purchase for solo and co-op gamers.

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