Paper Mario Glitch
Image: GoNintendo

Any completionists out there might want to take note of this glitch if they're currently playing through Nintendo's latest Switch release, Paper Mario: The Origami King. A Twitter user recently tweeted about a point where you can no longer 100% the game if your partner defeats the enemy:

GoNintendo explains exactly what happens in a bit more detail:

At one point during your journey, you'll be asked to take down two black Shy Guys. They only appear once, as it's a story portion of the game. If you battle them and win, all's good and they'll be added to the tally of your defeated enemies. If your partner at the time, [Professor Toad], lands the final blow and defeats the black Shy Guys for you, the game will never add the enemy to your compendium.

It means that you'll never be able to achieve the 100% in-game completion goal. The image at the top of this page shows what the compendium should look like if you do manage to land the final blow.

This isn't the only glitch in the game - there's a much more, let's say, major one that can prevent you from progressing any further in your adventure. Fortunately, Nintendo has said it is aware of reports and will resolve the issue in a future update. Hopefully, it can patch this latest glitch as well.

How's your own experience been with Paper Mario on the Switch so far? Encountered any problems or has it been smooth sailing so far? Leave a comment down below.

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