The Sinking City

After a falling out with publisher Nacon, formerly known as BigBen InteractiveBigBen Interactive, Ukraine-based developer Frogwares has spoken out about issues surrounding the distribution of The Sinking City across multiple platforms.

The game has been delisted on a number of stores as a result of this relationship breakdown, although thanks to Frogwares self-publishing the game on Switch, that version is still intact. Frogwares says that "We were forced to terminate the contract with our licensee," releasing an official statement which can be read below.

As you can see, the statement details how Frogwares believes that the actions of its former licensee partner have breached their initial agreement.

As mentioned above, the game is still available to download from the Switch eShop. Frogwares hopes to have the game available on all major stores again in the future and plans to inform fans of when this will take place.