Ring Fit Adventure

Tencent, which works in partnership with Nintendo to deliver its products to consumers in China, has announced a Ring Fit Adventure-specific 'Direct' presentation for the region.

According to translations by Chinese Nintendo, Tencent plans to host the show on 19th August at 5am PST / 8am EST. The presentation will reveal the release date for Nintendo's fitness product in China, information on where fans will be able to buy it, as well as an introduction to the game's content.

Switch owners have had a serious lack of options when it comes to software in China; back in March, it was reported that only three games were available to buy legally from the eShop. While Switch games aren't region-locked, it's not always easy to import physical titles either, with Animal Crossing: New Horizons being the latest to receive a ban.

For gaming fans in China, then, it's pretty essential that Nintendo's first-party titles get official releases to broaden the software library. It's good to see Ring Fit Adventure making the energetic leap to the Chinese market, so here's hoping the launch goes smoothly.

[source weibo.com, via twitter.com, nintendosoup.com]