Image: LEGO

If you haven't already bought and assembled the LEGO Nintendo Entertainment System, there's a really nostalgic - and cool - easter egg contained within this particular build that you need to know about.

For those of you who have no intention of adding this kit to your Nintendo or LEGO collection - read on. Located underneath a side panel of the system is a recreation of Super Mario Bros. World 1-2. It even features the warp zone section at the end, allowing you to jump ahead in the game. Take a look below:

LEGO NES Easter Egg
Image: IGN / YouTube
The Warp Zone as seen in Super Mario Bros.
Image: Nintendo Life

IGN's Brian Altano described his own discovery of this during the building process:

I started building something underneath this removable panel on the side. And it started to come together as something that was vaguely familiar and I realised I was building World 1-2 on the side of this NES, complete with the moving platforms in orange, the warp pipe that brings you to world 1-3, or if you wanna hop over all of that, you can go down here to the warp zone which will bring you way way further into the game, depending on which of these things you hop into.

That is one of the coolest little easter eggs I've ever seen in a LEGO kit, and it just hides right here under this NES, I think the average person wouldn't even know it was there.

It's rather fitting considering the entire kit is themed around Super Mario Bros. Have you added the LEGO NES to your Nintendo collection yet? Tell us down below.